HIV Infection affects millions on people.  Dr. Coupet offers treatment to her patients to live a healthy lifestyle and learn how to live with the HIV Infection.

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A person may have HIV or AIDS without knowing it until they get HIV testing. That is why it is important to get tested.

Is it necessary for my doctor to be an HIV specialist?

To get the best HIV treatment, people infected with the virus should get their medical care from an HIV specialist. If you are looking for the best HIV Treatment you need a doctor who specializes and have the best HIV medical mind, an HIV specialist.

I am an experienced HIV Specialist doctor specializing in HIV Treatment, HIV Infection and AIDS. I provide comprehensive HIV treatment that can help you prolong your life and help you understand the illness and associated HIV treatments.

What makes an HIV specialist?

An HIV specialist is not the same as a primary care physician. There are guidelines and requirements that have to be met in order to be considered an HIV specialist. The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM) has established a definition of the HIV specialist that includes three standard criteria for HIV knowledge measurement. They include these three criteria: experience, education and external validation (a doctor must be recognized by an external credentialing entity such as the AAHIVM. This is accomplished by passing an HIV Medicine Credentialing Exam).

I am a AAHIVM certified HIV specialist with more than 14 years experience in treating patients infected with the HIV virus. I have shared my years of wisdom and experience in serving patients with HIV/AIDS in "ADAPTING YOUR PRACTICE: Treatment and Recommendations for Homeless Patients" publication.

What are the Benefits of an HIV Specialist?

There are distinct benefits to getting your HIV treatment from an HIV specialist. Medical experts feel that the benefits will greatly improve your quality of life with HIV and your prognosis down the road. The benefits of an HIV specialist include: knowledge and experience, communication and understanding, and the cutting edge of HIV medicine.

With advances in HIV-specific therapy and care, HIV infection is no longer a fatal illness. HIV is a manageable chronic illness with antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment and comprehensive HIV care.

Dr. Coupet will work with you to plan your HIV treatment and monitor you for other conditions so that you can stay healthy. It is important that you follow-up with Dr. Coupet for all scheduled HIV tests and treatments.

Review the list of preventive services and disease management below. If you have a question or have a symptom that is not on the list, please call my office at (212) 931-5185 or schedule an online appointment to discuss your symptoms.

Preventive Services

- Erectile Dysfunction
- Penis Disorders
- Prostate Cancer
- Prostate Diseases
- Sexual Problems in Men
- Testicular Cancer
- Type 2 Diabetes
- Exercise & Nutrition Counseling
- Heart Disease Prevention
- Weight Management

Disease Management

- Autoimmune diseases
- Depression & anxiety
- Eating disorders
- Fibromyalgia
- Sexually-transmitted diseases
- Sports-related injuries
- Thyroid disorders
- Urinary tract infections

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