Internal Medicine Physician, African American Physician

I am an African American Physician & Internal Medicine Physician

I am a Board Certified African American physician specializing in Internal Medicine and HIV Medicine. I am an experienced African American physician/Internal Medicine physician (internist) who has provided primary care to a diverse population in the Department of Community Medicine at St. Vincent's Hospital for over 12 years. I continue to provide outstanding comprehensive medical care to my patients at my private practice located in the West Village in Manhattan.

Take some time to review my credentials and if you have a question or want to setup and appointment, please call my office at (212) 931-5185 or schedule an online appointment.

Professional Statement

Learn more about Dr. Nadege M. Coupet's background, education, training and more.

Hospital Affiliations

Dr. Coupet not only has years of experience working in Saint Vincent's prior to opening her own private practice, but she is also affiliated with some of the top hospitals in New York.

Patient Reviews

See what patients are saying about Dr. Nadege M. Coupet's bedside manners, office wait time, and medical knowledge.

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