Doctor Nadege M. Coupet is a family practice physician that believes in building more personalized relationships with her patients, so she offers same-day appointments and longer visits which means you have more high-quality time with your primary care do

Primary Care Doctor & Internist Located in Manhattan

DR. Nadege M. Coupet, M.D. welcomes you to private practice in NYC

A primary care doctor is responsible for your overall well-being: an internist who knows you best can coordinate the efforts of everyone involved in your care.

As your Primary Care Doctor and/or Internist, I have a very small staff and I schedule fewer visits per day. I listen carefully to your medical concerns and tailor my recommendations to your individual needs. My staff and I keep your records confidential and secure.

I take a unique approach to being a primary care doctor and internist. I believe that health is influenced by a combination of physical and environmental factors. As a concerned primary care doctor and internist, my goal is to support you in these dimensions and help you make informed decisions regarding health issues. My website is designed to provide you with valuable information about medical problems and treatments. I encourage you to visit my site whenever you have general questions related to your health.

Please take a few moments to look through this website to get a better understanding of Dr Nadege M. Coupet's capabilities and services. If you are looking for a primary care doctor and or internist in Manhattan, or if you need a primary care doctor and/or internist, have a question or simply want to schedule an appointment with me as your primary care doctor and/or internist, please call my office at (212) 931-5185. My office is conveniently located in the West Village in Manhattan, NY 10014.

Disclaimer: All material provided on this website is for informative purposes only.  If you need specific medical advice, please schedule an online appointment with Dr. Nadege M. Coupet, M.D. or call Dr. Coupet's office at (212) 931-5185.

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